Some of the projects I’ve worked on.

Davital media

As the founder of Davital Media, I initiated this project from the ground up. It began with comprehensive research to develop the brand identity. Subsequently, undertook website development, crafted a social media content strategy, implemented search engine optimization techniques, and devised various customer acquisition strategies.

David Cifuentes | Personal brand

If you’re not branding yourself, you can be sure others do it for you. I' ve applied many of the skills I possess to my personal brand and I'm working on my positioning.

LCH Holding Corp

This web development initiative aimed to establish an informative website while ensuring a cohesive visual identity throughout the website.
David Cifuentes projects


I spearheaded the development of this project, conducting in-depth research on branding and competitors. I curated the brand's visual identity and formulated targeted inbound marketing strategies for social media and email campaigns. Within the project, I lead the strategic planning and execution of digital services for diverse clients.

Economic Development Council

My role in this project was to generate content for Instagram, Meta, and LinkedIn. As well as manage the advertising budget on Meta ads.


I started Ilan as a side hustle and have achieved great results. I managed to grow the digital presence through a social media strategy and Instagram ads.