Exercise #1: Prospecting / Outbound Email / Nurturing Campaigns

1. Choose a company that you think would be a good fit for our product and provide us with an explanation as to why you selected that company.

The first step was to visit the Hiperbaric Instagram page. From there, I realized that Hiperbaric is associated with the CPC. Researching CPC's social media, I found an interesting brand named Evolution Fresh. As a result of the following, I realized Natalie's Orchid Island Juice can benefit and might be open to hearing what we have to offer.

Source: Semrush

Competition analysis

Researched the brand and then made a competition analysis.

Source: orchidislandjuice.com/faq

Brand Research

Found Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice and made extensive research to make sure they were not using HPP in their production process.

Source: hiperbaric.com

Perfect packaging

Also, they are a great fit because of their packaging, which is PLASTIC! Perfect for HPP.

2. Who would you reach out to at the company, and why?

These roles may be suitable to contact.


Sample email

Draft a sample email designed to catch his or her attention.

Follow-up email

Assume that you don’t receive a response and draft your follow-up email as well.

Invitation email

Lastly, draft a third email inviting the individual to the PACK EXPO International 2022 tradeshow.

Exercise #2: Blog / LinkedIn Article Post


Why did you choose the topic?

  • High probability of ranking in the first search results for this longtail keyword.
  • Gives the opportunity to talk about one of the company's key products.
  • It's a pain point that Hiperbaric addresses perfectly.

How would you share the blog post? How would you measure the success of the blog post?

  • I would generate expectation prior to publication through social networks.
  • I would share it through email marketing, as a piece of content to nurture the existing database.
  • Once published I would generate feed content on social media to encourage people to visit the blogpost.
  • That same content would be reposted in stories format and I would add a direct link to the blog post.
  • I would identify channels where there is similar content trying to answer the pain point and provide value by sharing the blog. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other blogs.
  • I would measure the success of this blog post by focusing on the following metrics: Total reach, organic reach, and contact page visits via CTA.

Exercise #3: Launch a Campaign / Marketing in Action

Create a campaign on attending the upcoming PACK EXPO International 2022 tradeshow. Campaign budget is $15,000. Share how you would allocate funds to promote presence, including digital and print advertising opportunities.


Lead magnet

Develop a piece of valuable content for our target audience that will motivate them to share their email with us in return. Launch a lead capture campaign. Then promote the event through email.


Social media advertising

Facebook ads to raise awareness of the Tradeshow. LinkedIn Ads targeting specific roles and locations. Facebook Retargeting ads with FB pixel.


Google Ads

Search and display ads in specific segments where our potential customer is most likely located.


Printing Advertising

Display of advertising banners at a commutable distance from where the event will take place.

Email marketing

To inform existing customers about the upcoming trade show. This is also a great opportunity to build hype about our products.